Peace In Suffering

from by Desolate Blight

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Walking alongside my twin that lays beside my mind while I believe in crooked people and I sigh with a memory of a line, a sign, something I didn’t design, the disgusting hedonistic feeling that I’ve been trying to disguise.

I’m sick of waiting
I’m sick of lying to my friends about my emotional anxiety
I consistently consider recognizing my reconstruction, but my mind just wanted to be more than anything I am.
I’m sick of pain
I’m sick of fighting

Mother and father don’t exist while I’m here
Father left
And mothers dying

I’m tired but I cannot sleep
When all I know is how to weep
The happiness inside a screen
Has never kept me from falling deep

I wanna know before I die
Just how you look me in the eyes
And tell yourself that I’m okay
If only you could summarize

I’ll never know a true talent
Only the world moving so fast
I’ll never see a golden bridge
Because I’m looking through a glass
I’ve heard heaven is a paradise
Will you tell me to count sheep

The beauty we become
As we decay under the sun


from Peace In Suffering - Single, released December 25, 2018


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Desolate Blight San Antonio, Texas

deathcore but also not deathcore

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