Lucid Connection

from by Desolate Blight




Close my eyes, the embrace of oppression draws near, the depression my one true fear.

Deprived divinity, the absence of our frailty built up by lords of sand hindering our unity.
Options present, a valued view of cruelty, punishment for all of us, through messages of lunacy.

Not being able to leave the state,
Subliminal intentions to forever be haunting my mind.

Dread and demise, hints of drifting away before my eyes.
Forced to rot in a grave made of skin and bone.

Honest preacher, divisible oh hear our divide, we found our answers through avoiding you and foolish demise. A depth of vision, a question without answer or prize.
I'm losing my mind every single time I close my eyes.

Kingdoms of ash, torn between the schism of a mental defracture.
Should I stay, or should I watch my demise.
Actions interest the few who watch with sinful pride.

Hysterical solutions pester me when I meet dawn’s warm embrace.
Closing in on my own fiendish belief,
Frozen in a state of panic.

Devoured by an ambitious delusion,
Devour my wish to be alone.
Oh dear woman in my sleep, release me from the visions I fear,
This desire to fall deep.

Drown when I'm alone.
Elapsed by time and the thoughts of being home.
Collapsed by the benign feeling,
Pressured by the weight falling from my shoulders to my chest.

As a chapel marks us all, we allow our minds to take a fall.
Consumed by righteous light, ominous with doubt.
Regrettable decisions filling our mouths as we speak with delusions.

Our fiendish morality beckons us to derail our choices to greedy desires.
Fueled into motionless towers,
Leaning into the graves of our fathers.
Looking into ourselves to find nothing but worthless answers,
Wondering if the landscape made by our hands can be worth all this disaster.


from Lucid Connection, released August 25, 2018


all rights reserved



Desolate Blight San Antonio, Texas

deathcore but also not deathcore


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