Fiendish Malice (feat. Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher)

from by Desolate Blight



Eating at the back of my eyes while I lay in a bed of nails.
Screaming imagery,
I can't find a home for the black light in my mind.

I can't even open my eyes.
I’m sick of being awake.
Drown the sorrows of a sudden wound.
I’m a little depressed, repressed and obsessed.
Convoluted walls painted with regrets.

Medicated madness,
Hysterical delusions.
Watching my father spread more pollutions.
Closing any entry from an outer perspective,
Losing perception as we end up misdirected.

Losing a home,
A constant reminder to be alone.
I've already begged to clean my sins.
God isn't here to see me cut my skin thin.
Whispers of a new day,
Light beckons thoughts where we lay.
Embedded in an old effort.
Execution pleasure.
We've been blessed, with foresight of a new day,
Deathmask of a sinner the delusions of preaching worthless phrases.

What's up, you stupid dumbshit idiot? I hope you're hungry, because you're about to eat your teeth!
Slithering into my skin,
The first messiahs words altering the flesh with sin.
White noise inside my head, angry and persistent listening to all these reasons I have to perceive my past without a single sin.
Strike me down and teach me hate so that I won't regret my past.

Worshipping the pictures of my mind.

I must confess, I am sadistic and obviously depressed.
Utter stupidity, breeding violence with my own putridity.
Save me,
Ringing constantly inside my head.


from Lucid Connection (Infinite Edition), releases December 23, 2019


all rights reserved



Desolate Blight San Antonio, Texas

deathcore but also not deathcore

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