Lucid Connection

by Desolate Blight



The debut album of San Antonio deathcore newcomers Desolate Blight.


released August 25, 2018

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Noel Ruiz
Crest and logo by Creation, I Design
Galaxy texture by Lyshastra (
Background texture by Paweł Kadysz (
Artwork reworked by Michael Vela (Distorted Visuals)


all rights reserved



Desolate Blight San Antonio, Texas

deathcore but also not deathcore

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Track Name: Distorted Light (feat. Nick Young of Pillars of Autumn)
My senses are going numb,
I am eternally blinded.
My light isn’t inside my mind.

Just lost causes trying to dig into this earth given to us.

Finding meaning in literal grains of sand.
It isn't really worth it if I'm not going to live forever.
Convolutions, twisting my reality, altering the visions I once sought, the path that leads to guilty pleasures of sin is near.

As this wretched curse takes over me,
I distort reality, blasphemy, leechery, endless hypocrisy.
Being blinded by my own deceptions,
Losing perception,
Reaching to a light of sorrowful intentions.

Breathing life into the skies of empty gray.
Signs of suicide, peak into the schism that is my mind.
Deemed a villain, almost everyone can see,
But I'm a deity, at least a lost one withering away.

The words bounce back and forth and turn into screams that make me feel even more empty,
Reminiscing of the fear I felt when I was keeping everything inside.

Disgusting peasants,
Oppressing the thought of understanding anything worth more than our own feeble lives.
We will be a collective of fiendish desires.
Track Name: Fiendish Malice
Eating at the back of my eyes while I lay in a bed of nails.
Screaming imagery,
I can't find a home for the black light in my mind.

I can't even open my eyes.
I’m sick of being awake.
Drown the sorrows of a sudden wound.
I’m a little depressed, repressed and obsessed.
Convoluted walls painted with regrets.

Medicated madness,
Hysterical delusions.
Watching my father spread more pollutions.
Closing any entry from an outer perspective,
Losing perception as we end up misdirected.

Losing a home,
A constant reminder to be alone.
I've already begged to clean my sins.
God isn't here to see me cut my skin thin.
Whispers of a new day,
Light beckons thoughts where we lay.
Embedded in an old effort.
Execution pleasure.

We've been blessed, with foresight of a new day,
Deathmask of a sinner the delusions of preaching worthless phrases.
Slithering into my skin,
The first messiahs words altering the flesh with sin.
White noise inside my head, angry and persistent listening to all these reasons I have to perceive my past without a single sin.
Strike me down and teach me hate so that I won't regret my past.

Worshipping the pictures of my mind.

I must confess, I am sadistic and obviously depressed.
Utter stupidity, breeding violence with my own putridity.
Save me,
Ringing constantly inside my head.
Track Name: Hysteria
Suffering abominations,
Slithering like scum around us.

Keep deceiving all your minions, for each soul that speaks your name is a mark blessed upon my wall of misery.
Chapters written, unholy mistress, let me stain the cloth of man, allow my wrath and watch my right hand.

Righteousness by the mass, speak my name at last.

Snakes like thin lines of gold,
Pestering my sight and singing songs of broken fiends.

At last, this wretched defiler will know the sacraments of our guided gutterland will be torn from the schism that is the tree of putrid life.
Oppression, I’m a martyr,
Consensus, succumb to me,
Gluttony of our own blasphemy.
The words roll off the tongue like my black lungs have rolled my fate,
Breed violence, burn at this desecrated disease.
Disciples, worship me.
Track Name: Elysian Sorrows
Rotting away,
With the innocence of our lives being burned into pieces.
Ashes laying on the floor.
Decaying light and deceit creeping into my soul.
Colors fading away,
Martyrs betraying,
Hedonistic behavior witnessed by the people left behind.
Lost within our minds,
Leeching the prayers of man,
Consuming the dreams of futuristic times.
We’re all wanderers looking for ourselves in mirrors of retrospective desires.
Constant repetition of what’s left of self division of my mind into a cataclysmic narcissistic view of an eclipsing hedonistic man,
I can’t feel the air, my lungs are full.
Falling through the skyline.
Not even seeming to think that one day I’ll land.
Constantly drowning in this black sky.
Images of my sins scarred into the skin of men.
Elysian sorrows confusing the mistaken words spoken from the worthless king.
Reigning down faith,
Mere coincidence continues to blame the empty embodiment I have claimed here.
So far and laced with blasphemous leaders.
I’m losing my sight, no longer can I see through these bloodshot eyes.
I’m sick and dying, consuming light.
Looking for answers in this distorted light.
Track Name: Four Reasons // Lost Father (N.G.L.A.J)
Addicted to the air around me,
Not finding solace in the departure I see in my dreams.
Push the stainless steel necro-philosopher to my embroidered skeleton.

Diverse decisions deeply cut into the mind I've used to manifest hate.
Honest preachers deceive the brain of a lord of wolves, Deriving hate into his own deprived mind.

Sick of it all, only knowing my meaningless thrall.
Spiteful and full of grief.

Beckoning the electricity to course through my veins,
Adrenaline rushed my actions, decisions made through thoughtless visions.

Sick to the bone, messiah contorted, engraved in stone.
Spew hate, a belittled gate white and bright,
Not something we can see alive.

I can't describe how many countless times I’ve wanted to drown these thoughts.
Alcohol does nothing and neither does times to heal my wounds.
Devilish development, grief stricken dreams.

I’m alive and I regret nothing.
Track Name: Moonless
Leave behind the skin of who I once was.
Losing perception, all is lost without an effort to persuade myself from dying.

Intrusive pleasure,
A desire to live amongst men who dream of living.
Pursue the thoughts that make me feel less of a feeling

Residual effects of a lingering damage,
Entice my soul to cross it's altered contortions.

Pleading with my own mind, genuinely losing time,
Days pass in empty grey as I view a sea of blues and greens, the aura of mystery.

All I need is a hole in my head.
As if the end can bring a sense of humor into a single paradox.

A cycle of repeated atrocities.

The moon has finally dissipated from me.
Track Name: Lucid Connection

Close my eyes, the embrace of oppression draws near, the depression my one true fear.

Deprived divinity, the absence of our frailty built up by lords of sand hindering our unity.
Options present, a valued view of cruelty, punishment for all of us, through messages of lunacy.

Not being able to leave the state,
Subliminal intentions to forever be haunting my mind.

Dread and demise, hints of drifting away before my eyes.
Forced to rot in a grave made of skin and bone.

Honest preacher, divisible oh hear our divide, we found our answers through avoiding you and foolish demise. A depth of vision, a question without answer or prize.
I'm losing my mind every single time I close my eyes.

Kingdoms of ash, torn between the schism of a mental defracture.
Should I stay, or should I watch my demise.
Actions interest the few who watch with sinful pride.

Hysterical solutions pester me when I meet dawn’s warm embrace.
Closing in on my own fiendish belief,
Frozen in a state of panic.

Devoured by an ambitious delusion,
Devour my wish to be alone.
Oh dear woman in my sleep, release me from the visions I fear,
This desire to fall deep.

Drown when I'm alone.
Elapsed by time and the thoughts of being home.
Collapsed by the benign feeling,
Pressured by the weight falling from my shoulders to my chest.

As a chapel marks us all, we allow our minds to take a fall.
Consumed by righteous light, ominous with doubt.
Regrettable decisions filling our mouths as we speak with delusions.

Our fiendish morality beckons us to derail our choices to greedy desires.
Fueled into motionless towers,
Leaning into the graves of our fathers.
Looking into ourselves to find nothing but worthless answers,
Wondering if the landscape made by our hands can be worth all this disaster.