Elysian Sorrows - Single

by Desolate Blight



released December 9, 2017


all rights reserved



Desolate Blight San Antonio, Texas

deathcore but also not deathcore

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Track Name: Elysian Sorrows
Rotting away,
With the innocence of our lives being burned into pieces.
Ashes laying on the floor.
Decaying light and deceit creeping into my soul.
Colors fading away,
Martyrs betraying,
Hedonistic behavior witnessed by the people left behind.
Lost within our minds,
Leeching the prayers of man,
Consuming the dreams of futuristic times.
We’re all wanderers looking for ourselves in mirrors of retrospective desires.
Constant repetition of what’s left of self division of my mind into a cataclysmic narcissistic view of an eclipsing hedonistic man,
I can’t feel the air, my lungs are full.
Falling through the skyline.
Not even seeming to think that one day I’ll land.
Constantly drowning in this black sky.
Images of my sins scarred into the skin of men.
Elysian sorrows confusing the mistaken words spoken from the worthless king.
Reigning down faith,
Mere coincidence continues to blame the empty embodiment I have claimed here.
So far and laced with blasphemous leaders.
I’m losing my sight, no longer can I see through these bloodshot eyes.
I’m sick and dying, consuming light.
Looking for answers in this distorted light.