Distorted Light - Single

by Desolate Blight



released February 23, 2018

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Noel Ruiz
Crest by Disgusting Creations
Galaxy texture by Lyshastra (lyshastra.deviantart.com)
Background texture by Paweł Kadysz (stock.tookapic.com/pawelkadysz)


all rights reserved



Desolate Blight San Antonio, Texas

deathcore but also not deathcore

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Track Name: Distorted Light (feat. Nick Young of Pillars of Autumn)
My senses are going numb,
I am eternally blinded.
My light isn’t inside my mind.

Just lost causes trying to dig into this earth given to us.

Finding meaning in literal grains of sand.
It isn't really worth it if I'm not going to live forever.
Convolutions, twisting my reality, altering the visions I once sought, the path that leads to guilty pleasures of sin is near.

As this wretched curse takes over me,
I distort reality, blasphemy, leechery, endless hypocrisy.
Being blinded by my own deceptions,
Losing perception,
Reaching to a light of sorrowful intentions.

Breathing life into the skies of empty gray.
Signs of suicide, peak into the schism that is my mind.
Deemed a villain, almost everyone can see,
But I'm a deity, at least a lost one withering away.

The words bounce back and forth and turn into screams that make me feel even more empty,
Reminiscing of the fear I felt when I was keeping everything inside.

Disgusting peasants,
Oppressing the thought of understanding anything worth more than our own feeble lives.
We will be a collective of fiendish desires.